Me & My Business

My name is Leilia (lay-LEE-uh), and I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been in this wonderful industry  since 2011 and am thrilled to share it with the world! It has fulfilled my life in so many ways -- you will read more about it later. Being a massage therapist has made me more aware of my body than ever before, and how I treat myself entirely. I, myself receive a 90-minute hour session TWICE a month, religiously, and I cannot tell you enough how much it motivates me to want to continue to make myself better.

My passion and (never ending) knowledge have taken me through some of the most eye-opening experiences in my life! From living for a short stint abroad in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany and working with our country's finest servicemen and women, to working back stateside with some of the major chain spas of Utah. After my 6.5 years with various spas,  I finally decided to make the leap and opened my own practice. 

I am currently pursuing two additional modalities: Ashiatsu (DeepFeet Bar Therapy) and Rolfing (Structural Integration). These will add to the benefits of how chronic pain can be identified and manipulated using my feet and/or myofascial segmented work. TBC!

What you can expect at Note Massage is a small business that runs based on the care of your self-maintenance, and/or nurturing it!

My plan is for my clients to feel the difference in their everyday ventures. I enjoy the clinical aspect of bodywork with a less aggressive approach. Let your mind and body unwind for awhile. The goal I strive for consistently is to provide you with pain relief and being able to remind your body that it can heal itself too.